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Plumbing Shop

Tommy Silvers, Supervisor

Richard Lyons, Shop Leader

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The Plumbing Shop consists of  the following positions:  one Construction/Maintenance Supervisor, one Shop Leader, eight Plumber IIs, one Plumber I, and one Maintenance Mechanic I. This Shop is responsible for maintaining a safe water supply for all drinking fountains, kitchen areas, and restrooms as well as the disposal of all sewage waste for the entire School District. This shop also installs, maintains, and repairs commodes, urinals, wash basins, and all piping connected thereto. The Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator operates four sewage disposal plants located at various schools throughout the District. It is his responsibility to maintain this equipment and the affluent to levels accepted by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. The Industrial Plant Mechanic maintains 20 sewage lift stations and all associated pumping equipment. This Shop maintains over 100 backflow prevention devices varying in size from 3/4" to 6". This Shop also maintains all garbage disposals in the School District. This Shop receives work orders from the Plumbing Supervisor or the Maintenance Dispatcher.