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Exterminating Shop

Mitch Mosley, Supervisor

Jason Gaylard, Shop Leader

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The Exterminating Shop consists of two licensed Pest Control Technician positions.

This Division was formed in 1977, as a general pest control operation and has grown to a full scale Exterminating and Environmental Protection Division. It services approximately 5,480,000 square feet under roof monthly.The Exterminating Shop has long-range programs, such as complete termite and wood destroying organism control, environmentally-safe insect control in all buildings under the jurisdiction of the District, including all schools and the special centers. This shop also does a limited amount of Horticulture (i.e., turf pest control and weed control).Inspections of all cafeterias, schools, and related buildings are done routinely to comply with the practices, rules and environmental regulations of the HRS, DER & FDACS as they relate to a sound pest-controlled environment.

In 1994, a wood and brush herbicide applications program was formed. This includes the spraying of all fence lines, rights of way, railroad tracks, fuel storage areas, parking areas, vacant lots owned by the District, air conditioning cooling towers, natural gas meter enclosures, walk-in cooler exteriors and holding pond perimeters.