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Fire Suppression Systems Shop

Vince Childers, Supervisor

Dave Wright, Shop Leader

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The Fire Suppression Systems Shop consists of two Fire Suppression Systems Technician positions.

This Shop's primary responsibility is in the Fire Safety field. The shop is responsible for inspection, maintenance, hydro test and recharge of portable fire extinguishers systems and pre-engineered systems. This shop is required to check behind the contractor on new construction and renovation projects to insure proper installation of pre-engineered systems and portable fire extinguishers. This shop has the responsibility of maintaining all of the metal and vinyl framed windows and components, venetian blinds, movie screens, spring loaded maps, paper cutters, stage curtains and signage. This shop also performs minor furniture repair. This shop also maintains and inspects hood suppression systems and sprinkler systems.

This Shop receives their work orders from the Shop Supervisor or the Maintenance Dispatcher.