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Grounds Shop

Mitch Mosley, Supervisor

Jason Gaylard, Shop Leader 

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The Grounds Crew Shop consists of one Construction/Maintenance Supervisor, one Shop Leader, four Heavy Equipment Operator, seven Maintenance Mechanic I, one Equipment Operator II, one Equipment Operator I, five Maintenance Worker II, and ten Maintenance Worker I positions.

The Supervisor is over the Grounds Crew Division and Exterminator Division. The Supervisor receives work requests, makes the decision to which crew it should be assigned, performs inspections during and after work to insure accuracy, and reviews all work requests prior to being turned in to the Maintenance Office. The Shop Leader assists the Supervisor with duties and fills in when needed. Assists the Equipment Operators and Maintenance Mechanics to perform duties as needed. The Equipment Operators and spend the majority of their time hauling dirt to build ball fields, reworking ball fields, repairing dirt roads, repairing washouts, and general landscaping to prevent wash out problems. They cut grass, weed-eat, edge, trim hedges, clean fence rows and assist other shops as needed. The Maintenance Mechanic I's are assigned to build, maintain and repair fences, gates, playground equipment, and flag poles, cleaning fence rows, holding ponds, assist in grass cutting, trash pickup, cement work and asphalt work. They often assist other shops with various jobs as needed and in inclement weather and may assist Equipment Operators as needed. The Maintenance Worker II's cut grass, clean fence rows, weed-eat, edge, trim hedges, assist Maintenance Mechanics, Equipment Operators and other shops as needed. They may assist with the repair or construction of fences, playground equipment, and other equipment.

The Maintenance Worker I's cut grass, weed-eat, edge, trim hedges, and clean fence rows as their primary functions. They may assist Maintenance Mechanics, Equipment Operators and other shops as needed and during inclement weather.