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Mildew Prevention Procedures

Due to mildew problems suffered by the district over past years as a result of air conditioning equipment failure and the presence of factors conducive to mildew growth, we have developed a list of precautions to eliminate or minimize the occurrence of mildew growth in our facilities. They are as follows:


Educate staff regarding the possibility of mildew when air conditioning equipment fails. Instruct them to notify Department Head/Principal as soon as possible if any mildew is detected.

Early Intervention

Notify the Maintenance Department as soon as mildew is detected or if there is excessive condensation on walls and/or ceilings.

Tight Buildings

Keep doors and windows closed when air conditioning equipment is operating. This will help reduce the accumulation of moisture in the building.


Maintain a temperature of approximately 74 degrees. This will reduce your chances for mildew growth if air conditioning equipment fails. This alone is a major factor to prevent growth.

Interruption of Service

In the event of power loss or lightning strikes, check all buildings to make sure air conditioning units come back on line.

Unoccupied Space

If there is going to be an unoccupied space in the facility, do not turn air conditioning off. Run air conditioning equipment, but raise the temperature to 78 degrees. Periodically check spaces that are unoccupied for extended periods of time during the summer months.

Trailer Resident Responsibilities

Trailer Resident (if applicable) or other designee should check buildings on weekends if power is interrupted or lightning strikes nearby to make sure all air conditioning equipment is operating.

Have questions? Address them to the Director of Maintenance and Custodial Services.