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Surplus Operations & Auction

Chuck Peterson III, Supervisor

David Parker, Shop Leader

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The Surplus Operations division consists of one Construction/Maintenance Supervisor position, one Warehouse Technician II, one Maintenance Worker II, and two Maintenance Worker I positions.

This division picks up and delivers furniture. A very small inventory of student furniture only is available, i.e., student chairs, desks, and desk-chair combinations.  We hope to have a limited number of filing cabinets on hand as well (approximately 6 each).  If you need any of these items listed above, contact the Surplus Operations supervisor for availability and approximate delivery date.

This division picks up all "surplus items" throughout the district. These could include, but are not limited to, food service items, lawn equipment, audio visual items, fine arts material and equipment, and much more. These items can be transferred, auctioned, or scrapped after an evaluation.

Click on the following webpage link where you will find the on-line Transfer Form and on-line Disposal Form.  Scroll down to "Fixed Assets.":  Transfer Form & Disposal Form

This division also oversees the computer recycling program. Computer related items are picked up, palletized, and then recycled by an outside vendor.

This division sets up, oversees, and schedules auctions for district surplus property.

The Supervisor is the chief field manager for district closures and consolidations.

This division receives work orders from the Supervisor.

Escambia County School District Surplus Auction

Escambia County School District Surplus Auctions Buses, Commercial Kitchen Equipment,
Furniture, Technology, Tools, Audio Video Equipment, and More.