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Purpose of the Sales Tax Watchdog Committee

The ½ cent Sales Tax Watchdog Committee has been in existence since the inception of the first District ½ cent sales tax referendum passed in 1997.  It consists of ten members appointed by the superintendent of schools.  The committee is composed of business and community leaders from throughout the County.

 The ½ cent Sales Tax Watchdog Committee meets every two months to review financial and capital project data.  The purpose is to ensure complete compliance with commitments to the public.  The Committee provides oversight on all matters pertaining to the expenditure of ½ cent sales tax dollars and ensures the appropriate, effective, and efficient use of sales tax proceeds.  The Committee also provides quarterly reports to the School Board as an added measure of assurance that all funds are expended appropriately, that the District is maximizing the resources, and ultimately, that the projects are aligned with the best interests of the students served.