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State Science and Engineering Fair Announcements
Posted 4/9/21

The West Panhandle Regional Science and Engineering Fair is proud to share the following results from this year’s State Science & Engineering Fair. Due to Covid-related restrictions the competition was held virtually as was the awards announcement event.  


This year’s awards presentation was held virtually on April 7th and can be seen here:  ECSD’s awards and recognition winners are listed below. Please congratulate the students and their instructors.


In the Junior competition our team of Story Novotny and Lilo Vuong from Brown-Barge Middle School, received Recognition for their physics project, "Break It! How Much Force Is Required to Break Taekwondo Boards?" their teacher is Mr. Richard Hunter.


In the Senior competition, Grace Williams from Pensacola High School, received Honorable Mention for her Mathematics and Computational Sciences project, "Using Mathematics to Research the West Nile Virus and Neuroinvasive Disease." Her teacher is Ms. Karen Bruening.


In the Senior competition, Ava Kesler from Pensacola High School, received recognition for her Plant Sciences project, "Effect of Combined Fertilizers on an Agricultural Crop."  Her teacher is Mrs. Cheri Stephens


In the Senior competition, Claire Han from Pensacola High School, received $50 cash from the Michael Hansinger Award, for her Environmental Engineering project, "Using a Positive Charged Media to Remove Different Heavy Metal Ions from Contaminated Water Samples." Her teacher is Mrs. Cheri Stephens.