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Posted 4/21/21

The Stellar Employee for the Month of April is Mrs. Donna Mogle. 


Donna Mogle is a Data Clerk II at Hellen Caro Elementary School.  She has been at Hellen Caro Elementary School and with the district for twenty-one years.  Mrs. Mogle has displayed dedication to Hellen Caro as a parent, volunteer, and employee for over twenty years.  As a data clerk, she is highly skilled and dedicated to her position, not just keeping records up to date, but in the support she provides administration, teachers and staff on a daily basis.  Donna Mogle is a team player who goes above and beyond for the faculty, staff and families of Hellen Caro.  Mrs. Mogle wears many hats in addition to her position as data clerk.  She serves as the back up for the clinic, she is the afternoon crossing guard, and she monitors the hallway and assists faculty and staff with many other important tasks. 


Mrs. Mogle is always willing to assist Hellen Caro families by providing valuable resources or connecting them with others who can provide assistance.  She never hesitates to stop what she is doing to help others by looking up student information, running reports, assisting with school fundraisers, and providing resources to faculty.  Mrs. Mogle does all this with a positive and accommodating attitude.


Hellen Caro is proud to have Donna Mogle on their team because they know they can always count on her support.  There is no request too big or too small for Mrs. Mogle.  Not only is she ready to step up to any task, if she does not have the answer, she is quick to find the person who does.  She has been referred to as the “go to” person for questions about attendance, Sis forms, report cards, schedules, and many other areas.  She is well informed and generally “in the know” regarding student health issues, attendance concerns, homelessness, and basic needs a student may have. 


Donna Mogle has developed positive rapport with the students, families, faculty and staff of Hellen Caro.  She is always encouraging, a volume of knowledge, a valuable asset and most importantly, a community servant. 


Donna Mogle is Stellar because of her excellent work ethic and dedication to the staff and students throughout the Escambia County School District.  She exemplifies the Pillars of “People” and “Service” and it is for these reasons, and so many others, that she has been selected as our Stellar Employee of the Month of April 2021.


She will receive a Plaque, Pin, and a check for $100 from Members First Credit Union.