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ECPSF Announces 2021 Academic Awards Recipients
Posted 5/18/21

Each year the Escambia County Public Schools Foundation has highlighted the "best of the best" from the Escambia County School District’s 7 high schools with the presentation of the Senior Academic Awards. The Foundation is thrilled to celebrate the academic talents of many amazing high school students every year. This is helped by the generosity of their event sponsor, Clark Partington. 


This year the virtual awards ceremony was held online. Students are encouraged to share the link with their family members and friends so they can share in their celebration.




Students will receive a custom-made medallion during their school's senior awards ceremony so they may wear it during their graduation ceremony with their cap and gown.


Congratulations go to all of the awardees on behalf of the Escambia County Public Schools Foundation Board of Directors.

The Escambia County Public Schools Foundation’s Academic Award honorees for the Class of 2021 are:


Escambia High School

Top Five (Six): Jennifer St. George, Joel Sexton, James Smith, Robert Vititoe, ArieAnna Muro, Malaika Voyou

Career and Technical: Ashley Gray

English: Laylah Curran

Foreign Language: Josefina Garcia

Math: Oanh Tran

Science: Amanda Silvania

Social Studies: Catherine Deason


Northview High School

Top Five: Amber Gilman, Libby Pugh, Savannah Doremus, Leland Seaton, Meredith McGhee

Career and Technical: Noah Harigel

English: Leia Grantham

Math: Sehoye Buckley

Science: David lamb

Social Studies: Ayiana Courtney


Pensacola High School

Top Five: Morgan Boesel, Benjamin Spangrud, Logan Turbiville, Sydney Dodson, Jenalynn Fernandez

National Merit Recipient: Owen Ides, Sydney Dodson

Career and Technical: Jordan Shipp

English: Willow Thompson

Foreign Language: Kyle-Xander Magpoc

Math: Samantha Galvan-Diaz

Science: Adryanna Cummings

Social Studies: Precious Oliver


PHS – International Baccalaureate

Top Five & National Merit Recipient:  MaxAnthony Mateer

Top Five & National Merit Recipient: Ashley Wu

Top Five: Levi Cherek

Top Five & National Merit Recipient: Mai Tran

Top Five:  Olivia Langhorne

Top Five: Claire Litvak

Top Five: Lauryn Murphy

National Merit Recipients: Calla Endacott, Kendall Frazee, Alyssa Pascoe, George Thomas Prettyman, Amy Zhang

Career and Technical: Graybill Partington

English: Akelah Reeves

Foreign Language: Adele Dorion

Math: Khuyen

Science: Siddhi Gavkar

Social Studies: Elizabeth Molchan


Pine Forest High School

Top Five & National Merit Recipient: Kayla Stapleton

Top Five: Alexandria Dread, Justin Pengson, Alan Munoz, Jaylen Thomas 

Career and Technical: Jaeden Burrier

English: Caden Wilson

Foreign Language: Kaylee Holland

Math: Tabatha Farro

Science: Yasmin Blount

Social Studies: Sheridan McRoberts


Tate High School

Top Five & National Merit Recipient: Michael Dixon, John Semple

Top Five: Katelyn Loudon, Maggie Brown, Quang Vo

Career and Technical: Adam Lee

English: Evelyn Campbell

Foreign Language: Lauren Torrez

Math: Jonathan French

Science: Jackson Chatwood

Social Studies: Courtney Adams


Booker T. Washington High School

Top Five: Cortney Sherman, Vu Pham, Steven Nguyen, Xian Zhang, Alan Lapid, Measia Armstrong

Career and Technical: Elana Burke

English: Isabella Swan

Foreign Language: Mary Marinescu

Math: Turner Friday

Science: Trevor Shaffer

Social Studies: Cheree Rembert


West Florida High School

Top Five: Measia Armstrong, Jeffrey Bates, Autumn Clayton, Vi Dang, Roel Torres

Career and Technical: Cathryn Clay

English: Hayamus Williams

Foreign Language: Marina Tampary

Math: Ian Young

Science: Logan Nix

Social Studies: Kevin Le