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Posted 5/19/21

The Stellar Employee of the Year is Suzanne Barnes.


Many of you will remember Suzanne Barnes as the Stellar Employee for the Month of February.  She is the Administrative school secretary at Brown Barge Middle School. She has been with the district for ten years, and in her position for five and one-half years.  To be Stellar means to be exceptionally good or outstanding; Suzanne Barnes is far beyond a stellar employee.


Suzanne Barnes is the epitome of the phrase: calm in the storm. For anyone who is not familiar with Brown Barge Middle School, they are a passionate and energetic group of people teaching students in very unconventional, yet very effective ways.  That never deterred Suzanne from moving to the school secretary position from her position of bookkeeper, even knowing all the unconventional ways they operate.


Ms. Barnes is an amazing 'director of first impressions' for all that enter the lobby at Brown Barge Middle School. She juggles parents, students, staff and teachers, all while carefully orchestrating the day-to-day operations of a very busy front office. Suzanne is the absolute go-to person in any time of need for all of the staff members at Brown Barge. Suzanne is unequivocally adored by staff and students and it shows in their actions, comments, little appreciation notes and pre-covid hugs. You would not have known that a couple of years ago she was battling cancer and dealing with multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. Through all of her trials and tribulations, Suzanne came out on the other side a stronger and more confident individual who realized just how much she was loved.


According to Mr. Snyder, Principal of Brown Barge Middle School, Suzanne is his sounding board, voice of reason, confidant and complete rock star!  The Administration of Brown Barge Middle School is proud of Suzanne’s accomplishments and the school is a much better place because of her presence.  She deserves all accolades, congratulations and kind loving words; and her school loves her dearly.


Ms. Barnes personifies the Pillars of “People” and “Service”.  It is for these reasons and more that she has been selected as our Stellar Employee of the Year.


Ms. Barnes received a plaque and a check for $500 from Members First Credit Union.