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Posted 8/18/21

The Escambia County School District’s office of Community Involvement is proud to recognize Ms. Kristie Krug as the Stellar Employee for the Month of August 2021.


Kristie Krug is the school secretary at C.A. Weis Elementary School. She started C.A. Weis at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, in what proved to be a year that required patience, flexibility, passion, and a positive attitude. Ms. Krug exemplified each of these traits and more. She could be found doing the job of three people or more on any given day!


Ms. Krug serves in one of the most essential and integral roles at C.A. Weis.  Because she is the first face that families meet, Ms. Krug is instrumental in connecting families to the resources that are relevant to the growth of their students.  She is often found chatting with a student in the cafeteria or in the hallway, encouraging good choices and reminding them they are in a safe environment and loved by all.  Ms. Krug develops relationships with students who need it most.  There are times she may even invite a student to eat lunch in her office as an incentive.  Ms. Krug always has her listening ears turned on and rushes to help with any situation where an adult is needed.


A teacher stated the following about Ms. Krug: “She takes the time to get to know each and every teacher, student, and parent. When things are out of order, she is always ahead of it. She communicates well, is very organized, and excellent at what she does.  On top of being amazing at her job, she is always uplifting and encouraging.”  Another teacher stated it is the small things Ms. Krug does, like personally delivering packages to the classroom, helping families with remote learning, and being so incredibly vested in the families who need the most help.


Her friendly smile, warm personality, and continual compassionate demeanor exemplify the mission of C.A. Weis.  In short, not a day goes by that staff does not think or say, “what would we do without Ms. Krug?”


Kristie Krug is Stellar because of her excellent work ethic and dedication to the staff and students throughout the Escambia County School District.  She exemplifies the Pillars of “People” and “Service” and it is for these reasons, and so many others, that she has been selected as our Stellar Employee of the Month of August 2021.


She will receive a Plaque, Pin, and a check for $100 from Members First Credit Union.