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Posted 9/27/22

The Escambia County School District’s Office of Community Involvement is proud to recognize Ms. Tammy Ratliff as the Stellar Employee for the Month of September 2022. 


Tammy Ratliff has been with the district for ten years.  She is the media clerk at Ferry Pass Middle School.  In the ten years that Ms. Ratliff has been an employee at Ferry Pass Middle School, she has become a trainer for all ESP positions.  She volunteers her time every day to help in the front office where she has been instrumental in training new ESP employees on front office procedures such as checking students in and out, answering the phones, registering students, and preparing assignments for students to take home. Tammy Ratliff takes the time to help students locate lost items, find their classrooms or other areas on the campus.


 In addition to her regular duties as a library media clerk, Ms. Ratliff provides backup in the clinic and for the bookkeeper.  She has worked with the front office staff to train student assistants on their duties in the front office. The students love her and they are very receptive to the manner in which she teaches them.  Ms. Ratliff comes to work early every day and works beyond her normal workday, but always volunteers those extra hours to the school and the students.


Ms. Ratliff does everything she can to ensure the school runs smoothly.  She loves to help teachers and administrators and her sacrifices are very selfless. She is kind and an asset to every area of Ferry Pass Middle School. Tammy Ratliff will fill in wherever she is needed at a moment’s notice, as she has become proficient in every position.  When talking to parents, she establishes relationships and builds rapport that makes Ferry Pass Middle School families feel welcomed and ready to come back.  She is a consummate professional, accomplishing her daily tasks and going above and beyond to help others.  There is not a better person to nominate than Tammy Ratliff for Stellar Employee of the Month.


Tammy Ratliff is Stellar because of her excellent work ethic and dedication to the staff and students throughout the Escambia County School District. She contributes to the healthy culture that supports high performing teachers, leaders and staff.  It is for these reasons, and so many others, that she has been selected as our Stellar Employee of the Month of September 2022.


She will receive a plaque, pin, and a check for $100 from Members First Credit Union.