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January 2023 Stellar Employee of The Month
Posted 1/18/23

Escambia County Public School’s Office of Community Involvement is proud to recognize Ms. Annie Howell as the stellar employee for the month of January, 2023.


Annie Howell is a school bus assistant in the Transportation Department.  She has been in this position for five years. Annie Howell sets an excellent example of how an employee should do their job. Ms. Howell is always willing to go above and beyond to help others. She is a loyal, dependable, and a dedicated employee, and when she is called upon to help a bus operator in any way, she is always willing.  


Ms. Howell has been observed transferring from bus to bus on several occasions just to ensure any bus requiring students to ride with an assistant are able to transport that student. If a child does not have a jacket, Ms. Howell will go above and beyond to see that the child has a jacket, even if she has to buy it herself. Ms. Howell is always putting fellow employees and students above herself.  She performs her job with excellence.


One example of Ms. Howell’s exemplary performance was demonstrated with a student on her bus who cried after his grandfather put him on the bus and continued to cry all the way to school. Ms. Howell found out that he loved cheese crackers, so she bought him cheese crackers. After having cheese crackers for the student each day, he began getting on the bus smiling, asking for his crackers.   


Another student calls her granny. When the student would get on the bus, he asked for his granny and wanted to hold her hand all the way to school. Ms. Howell did hold his hand, while also taking care of the other students on the bus. It takes a big heart to be a school bus assistant and Annie Howell definitely has a big heart!


Annie Howell is stellar because of her excellent work ethic and dedication to the staff and students throughout the Escambia County School District. She contributes to the healthy culture that supports high performing teachers, leaders and staff.  It is for these reasons, and so many others, that she has been selected as our Stellar Employee of the month of January, 2023.



She will receive a plaque, pin, and a check for $100 from Members First Credit Union.