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Specific Learning Disabilities

The Program for Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) provides services to those students who are identified as having a specific learning disability. The disability may affect achievement in one or more of the following academic areas:  oral expression, written expression, basic reading skills, reading fluency, reading comprehension, mathematical computation or mathematic problem solving.  SLD services are provided in all schools. Services will vary based on the needs of the student.

Homebound or Hospitalized

The Program for Homebound or Hospitalized (H/H) serves students who have a medically diagnosed physical or psychiatric condition that restricts them to the home or hospital for three or more weeks.  The medical referral must be by a licensed physician.  Services are provided in the home for Pre-kindergarten students, elementary students, and students who are working on Access Points.  A web-based program is provided for secondary students.  

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Susan Cole

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