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Records Retention

Records Retention and Destruction

Schools and departments are responsible for their own records retention and destruction.  There is no district level budget for records management.  

Schools and departments must follow the guidelines outlined in the Florida State Department of Library and Archives regarding records retention and destruction.    

The State General Records Schedule GS7 specifically addresses public schools.  Any records not found in the GS7 should be in the GS1-SL for Local Government Agencies.  These schedules include descriptions, retention periods, and record number references for any given record type.  Records, which are ready for destruction according to the time frames outlined in the State General Records Schedules, must be shredded, burned or buried and must have documentation to that effect.  The Records Disposition Request requires the number of cubic feet destroyed as required for State reporting purposes.  A good guideline to estimate cubic feet is a legal size file box holds 2 cubic feet and a letter size file box holds 1.5 cubic feet.

Mellisa Jones reviews and approves the destruction requests and retains a copy for the record.  Please forward completed disposition requests to Mellisa Jones in Accounting Operations for review and approval. 

The District currently contracts with Gilmore Services for Administrative records retention and shredding.  However, schools may use any vendor that provides these services.

Electronic mail is subject to the same access and retention requirements as other public records covered by the Florida Public Records Law. 

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