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Office: 850-469-5458

Sally Lee
Student Services and
Mentor Coordinator
Cell: 850-341-6607

Jeanne Kimberl
College Success Coach

Alisha Sloan
Database Specialist

Mailing Address: Escambia County Public Schools Foundation 
Attn: TSIC Program
30 East Texar Drive, Suite 113
Pensacola, FL 32503

Take Stock In Children Program

What is Take Stock in Children?     Take Stock in Children is a statewide not-for-profit program operated under the Escambia County Public Schools Foundation in Escambia County.  Take Stock in Children is Florida’s innovative program that provides college scholarships, mentors, and hope to deserving financially eligible youth. 

How Do Students Apply?   6th grade* students are the only ones who can apply and only if they qualify for the income requirements for free or reduced lunch. Applications are obtained through guidance counselors.  Schools review the applications and a Take Stock selection committee makes the final decision.  The number of scholarships awarded is determined by the amount of donations each year.  There is an an alternate list from each year’s applicants in case a student moves out of state or does not adhere to the contract. 

After selection, a student and the parent/guardian(s) sign a contract that says that the student will maintain good citizenship, attendance, and grades (at least a 2.5 average) and will remain crime and drug free.  Take Stock agrees to train and provide a community volunteer mentor who will meet with the student at school [virtually for now] once a week during the school day.  Take Stock in Children’s College Success Coach meets with the students periodically and monitors progress.

Where do the scholarships come from?  Each year, the number of students we select depends on the number of scholarships that have been donated in Escambia County.   Donations come from foundations, businesses, civic organizations, and individuals.   Donations are matched dollar-for-dollar by Florida Prepaid College Foundation when scholarships are purchased each spring.  We are holding a scholarship for every student in the program.

What Does the Scholarship Cover?  If all conditions are met, when the student graduates from high school, he or she will receive a scholarship that will pay tuition and local fees for 120 credit hours (4 years) at the state college rate for Florida.  These funds can also be used for vocational/technical training.  A student may choose to attend a state university for all 4 years, or for the last 2 years, but will need to make up the difference in higher tuition cost using other financial aid such as Bright Futures, Pell Grants, etc.   The scholarship does not cover books or living expenses. 

How Many Scholarships Have Been Awarded?  Currently in Escambia County, there are 145 Take Stock Scholars in grades 7-12, over 70 students are currently in college using their Take Stock Scholarship, and we have had 120 college graduates thus far.