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On the Job Training (OJT)

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What is OJT? 

OJT is a cooperative education program for exceptional students.

PHASE 1: Non-paid work experience

  • Training is received in public sector work sites prior to employment.  (Transportation is provided.) 

PHASE 2:  Paid employment

  • Employment in private sector while earning credit towards graduation. (Transportation is the responsibility of the student.)

Which students are eligible?

  • Exceptional Education Students in grades 11 and 12 are eligible.

How does OJT work?

  • Students are screened to interview with employer.
  • Employability skills are discussed with potential students prior to job placement.
  • Flexible work hours (minimum of 15 hours per week).
  • School insurance agreement signed by student and parent.
  • School credit earned for successfully participating in OJT program.

What are employer responsibilities?

  • Provide supervision.
  • Evaluate student/employee periodically.
  • Work cooperatively with OJT Coordinator.

What are the student responsibilities?

  • Follow employer/business rules and regulations.
  • Follow school district rules and regulations.
  • Document hours worked on OJT time card.

What are employer benefits?

  • Dependable, motivated workers who save time and money.
  • Employees with flexible working hours.
  • Support services available.
  • Assist students/employees to become independent, tax-paying adults in the local community.
  • Assist young people to have a successful start in the REAL world of work.

                      Frequently asked questions

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Students may ask the following:

Will I get school credit?

OJT students may earn school credits toward graduation.  School credit is determined by the number of hours worked.  These hours must be submitted on an OJT time card with a supervisor’s signature.  School credit is awarded to both OJT non-paid work experience and OJT paid employment students.

Will I make any money?

OJT students may earn money in the first or second year of the program.  OJT non-paid work experience students will earn school credit toward graduation.  OJT paid employment students will earn money from their employer and school credit toward graduation.

How would I get to my job?

OJT non-paid work experience students are taken to the job by school bus.  The OJT paid employment students will have to make his/her own transportation arrangements, but we will assist you in planning your transportation.  If you need any suggestions for public transportation, please go to our Public Transportation page.


Parents may ask the following:

Will my child’s SSI or Medicaid stop?

No.  An OJT Coordinator can help guide you to visit  This guide book will answer all your questions.

Who will handle problems on the job?

An OJT Coordinator will handle problems that may occur.  They will make periodic visits to the training site and will have even more contact with the supervisor.

How much will this cost me?

There is no cost.  OJT is one of the educational programs offered through our school district for exceptional students .

What about clothes?

Students are expected to dress appropriately for work.  Uniforms are sometimes required.

How will OJT help me and my child?

  • Students receive school credit for their work experience.

  • Students feel good about themselves.

  • Grades typically improve.

  • Opportunities for being employed after graduation are better.

  • Students who have good experiences generally stay in school.

  • Information about community agency services are shared with students and family.


For More information contact...

Melinda Davidson                    (850) 941-6071 ext. 1

                          Or the OJT Coordinator at:

Escambia High School              (850) 453-3221 ext. 243

Escambia Westgate School      (850) 494-5700

Northview High School             (850) 761-6000

Pensacola High School             (850) 595-1500 ext. 253

Pine Forest High School            (850) 941-6150

Tate High School                        (850) 937-5488

Washington High School           (850) 475-5257 ext. 289