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Archive of Sole Source Postings

The listing below are sole source postings which were previously listed on our Sole Source Page.  These listings were posted for a minimum of fifteen (15) days in accordance with section 287.057(3)(c), Florida Statutes and were either uncontested or any issues have since been resolved.

11/08/22 11/29/22

A Civics360 Reader 

A compilation of student readings and video scripts from Civics360 related to our governments: rights and liberties and our legal system at the state, local, and federal levels.

A Civics360 Workbook 

A consumable student workbook. A compilation
of video, reading guides, and vocabulary from
Civics360 related to our governments: rights and liberties and our legal system at the state, local, and federal levels.

XanEdu Stacey Marshall Uncontested
10/27/22 11/17/22

Sounds Sensible Kit provides all materials needed for implementation.

  • Teacher's Guide with Blackline Masters
  • Traffic Light Handwriting Chart
  • Instructional Cards
  • Sound and Rhyme Mats, Game Cards, and Manipulatives
School Specialty Stacey Marshall Uncontested
09/28/22 10/19/22

TutorMe software platform and related products and services


Zorro Holdco, LLC DBA TutorMe Travis Thrash Uncontested
09/15/22 10/06/22 Settings
  • Beginning reading instruction
  • Reading intervention
  • Dyslexia instruction
  • Special education
  • English Language Learners
  • Response to Intervention Models

Skills and Concepts Taught

  • Review of pre-reading skills
  • Phonics using vowels, vowel pairs and blends
  • Consonant blends and digraphs
  • Spelling practice throughout lessons
  • Rules of language structure
  • Compound and non-phonetic words
  • Reading and writing fluency
  • Handwriting
  • Vocabulary and comprehension

Winsor Learning

Winsor Learning Stacey Marshall Uncontested
09/12/22 10/03/22
Into Reading Sets Grades K-5
  • curriculum that contains whole class instruction, planning, small group rotations, independent practice, and assessments. 
  • The Sets include smart tools, data analytics, and science backed  instruction with books.
HMH Reading Intro to Reading
HMH Publishing Company Stacey Marshall Uncontested
08/23/22 09/12/22 Consulting, professional development, and coaching services focused on supporting and expanding the District's use of Renaissance's copyrighted Star products. Services provided may also support other copyrighted Renaissance products such as myON, Accelerated Reader, and Freckle. Renaissance Learning, Inc. Travis Thrash Uncontested
07/14/22 08/03/22

Descubre 2022 Level 3 Student Edition

+ PRIME(6 year license)


Descubre 2022 Level 3 Teacher Edition

Vista Higher Learning, Inc. Travis Thrash Uncontested
07/14/22 08/03/22

Edmentum Courseware

Study Island

Product information may be found at Edmentum Online Learning Programs for Educators - Moving Education Forward
Edmentum, Inc. Travis Thrash Uncontested
07/29/22 08/18/22
  • The Basic PLL includes 32 weekly lessons on the following Basic Phonics Skills:
         Skill 2: Short Vowels (6 lessons)
         Skill 3: Blends and Past Tense (8 lessons)
         Skill 4: Digraphs (6 lessons)
         Skill 5: Long Vowels and Phonograms (12 lessons)

95 Percent Group Inc

475 Half Day Road, Suite 350

Lincolnshire, IL 60069

Stacey Marshall Canceled on 8/1/2022:  Previously posted 06/01/2022
06/09/22 06/30/22

Leader in Me® Core 2 Coaching

Product information available at LeaderInMe.Org

Franklin Covey Lisa Yeung Uncontested
06/01/22 06/21/22
  • Phonological Awareness Screener, Lessons, and Deluxe Package: This includes teacher guides, manipulative kits, manipulatives for modeling, skill cards and flip books Phonic Chip Kit:  Includes sound chips, magnetic letters and words, mapping
  • mats and a variety of spelling chips.
  • Phonics Lesson Library: A variety of skill packets  that include grids, progress monitoring, header cards, passages, reads and decoders and word cards.
  • Phonics Screener for Intervention for progress monitoring.
  • Teaching Blending provides teachers with techniques for blending instruction.
  • Multisyllable Routine Cards
  • Header Cards
  • Syllable Cards 
  • Word Cards
  • Pseudoword Cards 
  • Word Lists
  • Handouts and Answer Keys
  • Vocabulary Surge A and B: Includes 20 Lessons that contain saxton words, saxton words with inflected endings, anglo- saxon words with affixes, latin words, and greek words.
  • CCSS to your curriculum book 6-8: 17 lessons to master standards.
  • 95 Phonics Core Program (Grades K-3): Includes Teacher’s Edition, Student Workbooks, and Individual Manipulative Sets for 20 students, sound spelling cards, assessments and a School Year subscription to Digital Presentation
  • Comprehension: Grades 3-6 that teaches students connection, questioning, predicting, imaging, inferring, determining importance, and synthesizing.
  • Full-color, spiral-bound Teacher’s Guide of over 275 pages
  • 28 magnetic color-coded tokens for teachers to place on text and mats during think-alouds
  • 700 Color-coded translucent tokens for students to place on text and mats
  • 10 plastic bags with handles to store lessons

Rising 1st - 3rd Booster Bundles to include:

  • Letter-Sound Correspondence
  • Letter Formation (uppercase and lowercase)
  • Blending Awareness
  • Reading simple VC and CVC words (mastery of all  5 short vowel sounds)
  • Writing simple VC and CVC words using sound-spelling mapping
  • High-Frequency Words (30 total from the Pre-primer and
    Primer Dolch List)
  • The program culminates in the last 5 days with reading and writing phrases, sentences and 1 short, illustrated story
95 Percent Group Inc. 
475 Half Day Road, Suit 350
Lincolnshire, IL 60069
Stacey Marshall Uncontested
05/13/22 06/06/22

LETRS® Suite (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling)

Product information is available at Lexia
Lexia Learning Systems LLC Travis Thrash Uncontested
04/22/22 05/06/22 Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP) assessment kit.

Entire VB-MAPP kit includes: 100+ Common Objects, Language Builder, Reinforcer Kit, Counting Bears, Wooden Beads, Peg Board, Shape & Form Box, Color Cubes, Block Design Cards,
3 Peg Puzzles, 4 Jigsaw Puzzles, Dressing Doll, Measuring Manipulative, Timer, Size Sort, 3 Laminated Pictures, 4 Children's Books, Writing and Art Kit, 4 Activity Workbooks, and Flashcards covering: Alphabet, Memory Matching, Shapes, Colors and Numbers, Addition, Subtraction, Community Helpers, Sight Words. 

Also, the VB-MAPP includes a 60-page booklet on Suggestions for Use with the Milestones Assessment, including data sheets and word lists for: Verbs, Motor Imitation with Objects, Gross Motor Imitation, Fine Motor Imitation, Mand for Actions, 300 Common Nouns, VB-MAPP Intraverbal Subtest, and Self-Care Checklist.

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