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Health & Physical Education Home Page


Welcome to the Department of Physical Education, Health, Wellness, and Driver's Education.  This web site is provided as a resource for school and district administrators, teachers, parents, students and the general public.  On this site you will find information about the many programs and services offered through this Department including:


  • Contact information
  • Curriculum guidance
  • Technical assistance documents
  • Best practices
  • Links to resources, including interactive sites for students
  • Department forms
  • Wellness policy


Thank You To Our Grants Management Department

 For supporting Health and Physical Education with the Following in our schools:

Comprehensive/PE Support Content for Each PE Program:

Brainball for all Elementary Schools

Lifetime Sports for all Middle & High Schools

(Golf, Pickleball, Bocce, Lifetime Fitness)

Professional Development for our teachers


Contact Information


Dr. Charmain Sutherland



Katie Bissett



151 East Fairfield Drive

Pensacola, Florida 32503

ECSD Partners

Thank you to all of those who have provided our district Physical Education and Health Education Department with support.

Fun at Bat

Florida Jr Golf Council

The First Tee

Fuel up to Play 60 Minutes


National Archery Schools Program