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Public Relations

Welcome to ECSD Public Relations.

To contact me, please email me at or you can call the office at 850-469-6219 or my work cell at 850-393-0539.  The ECSD PR Facebook page is set up in a way that you cannot easy comment or add a post.  SO - when you have wonderful news, announcements, photos of events, etc., please send them to my email address.  Keep the photos simple (not in a Power point or other presentation).  Please, send information in a simple Word style - for example, if you want to send me a list of students and tell me what wonderful accomplishment that have achieved, please send the list typed out (first name, last name) and tell me their great news. (PLEASE do not send an Excel file or copy paste a list from one.)


With photos, please double check that you have not included anyone whose parents have requested they not be included!


To help me promote your next event, I need all the basics! Who is sponsoring the event, what is happening, who is invited, where will the event take place, send the date and the time.  Please describe the event in 1-2 sentences and let me know if you would like people to RSVP. And last - give me point of contact information (name, title, phone number and email).   If you do not give me a specific POC - I will ask people to call your front office for more information (so, please be sure they have the details in case someone calls).  


Thank you for helping me, help you, shine!!!

Kim Stefansson

(In Groupwise I am listed as Katherine)

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