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Safe Schools Directions and Frequently Asked Questions

The first year of online safety training is considered initial training. Upon completion of initial training, each year thereafter employees will be required to complete the refresher courses of their job-specific core safety training. However, additional courses may be required from year to year as necessary, based on an employee’s job duties, beyond the initial requirement.

Employees who have not completed the initial required online training in the past must complete those courses assigned in their entirety, as well as any other additional courses assigned at a later date according to the training schedule.

New employees must complete the initial required core safety courses online in their entirety within thirty (30) days of beginning their assigned jobs.




Q1. Can an employee enter and exit the system and work at his/her own pace on the material?

A1. Yes.


Q2. Will we be paid for doing the online training?

A2. Site administrators have been instructed to ensure sufficient time is allotted during the normal workday for completion of the training. For certain employees identified as not having regular access to the necessary technology, group/online sessions of the required safety training will be conducted.


Q3. How long does the online training take?

A3. Modules are established that are unique to each job classification therefore each job classification will require different time to complete all modules. Subsequent refresher training is considerably shorter.


Q4. Who will conduct the group sessions and where and when will they occur?

A4. Group deliveries will be coordinated to assist certain sites and departments in administering this format to those employees at each site without access to the necessary technology.


Q5. I am having difficulty logging onto the Safe Schools Web site, what do I need to do?

 A5. Be sure to read all instructions at Also, be sure that you use your district issued user id and password. If you continue to have difficulties, contact Chad Cherry in Protection Services at (850) 439-2640  or via email 

Q6. Why does the system disconnect my computer from the Web site?

A6. If the Safe Schools Web site detects a certain amount of inactivity from your computer it will automatically log you out. In addition, as with all Web-based databases, the site may occasionally experience connectivity problems. If you are experiencing connectivity problems, click on the logout tab in the bottom left hand corner of the screen then log back into the system and pick up from where you left off.


Q7. What courses do I have to complete?

A7. A training schedule will be provided by Protection Services through separate correspondence. Also, upon logging onto the Safe Schools Web site, your specific training page will list the courses that have been assigned to you. Courses are assigned based on job title and associated duties.


Q8. May I complete other courses offered on the Web site that have not been assigned to me?

A8. Yes. You may complete all of the non-required courses offered by Safe Schools on the Web site even if they are not assigned to your specific job title. Actually, we strongly encourage everyone to take advantage of all resources available on the Web site.


Q9. Why can't we just watch videos as we have done in the past?

A9. This system requires active participation by the individual, both in viewing and assessments, resulting in a more thorough understanding of the subject matter. In addition, as the material is Web-based, it may be updated as needed to reflect new information or regulatory requirements.