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District Skyward "Hands On" Requisition Training sessions are usually held in the Spencer Bibbs Center located at 2005 North 6th Avenue, Pensacola, FL 32503.  The training lasts approximately 3 hours.  This training consists of instruction on how to:

-Enter a Requisition (Including Entering a Requisition when the Vendor is not "Setup" in the System)

-Attach Notes/Documents to a Requisition

-Receive a Purchase Order

-Browse Inquiry Screens (Including Vendor and Purchase Order Numbers Assigned to Your Requisitions)

-School/Department Requisition Approval Process

-Enter Requisitions with a Professional Service Agreement & Background Screening

-Utilize and attach Quotes, Bids, & Use of Federal Dollars

-Enter a Check Request

Our next training session will be announced via email with the ability to sign up in response.  Please note that all persons that enter Budgeted Funds Requisitions are encouraged to attend.  If you plan to attend, please notify Travis Thrash via email or call 469-6207 so we can make sure you are set up in the Skyward Training system.  

Batch Codes

Check Requests

Entering a Requisition for a Vendor Not Found

Processing Requisitions Quickly  Checklist for entering requisitions

Purchase Order Receiving  Instructions on how to enter a receiver for a Purchase Order

Requisition Instructions  Instruction manual on how to enter requisitions

Vendor Not Found in Skyward-What to do

YDA & YMA Requisition Entering