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Technology Purchases

Software Purchases
Through a joint effort with Information Technology and Curriculum & Instruction, proposed software purchases to be used in conjunction with instruction will now be reviewed for interface capability, FERPA requirements, and content appropriateness prior to purchase. Additional information and directions on how to proceed are found here, on the IT Digital Resource Menu webpage. 

             Computer Orders

The District standardized on Apple and Dell computers some time ago. We now have standard configurations in place for these two brands. These configurations should meet all needs and only these standard configurations will be ordered. If someone needs something different, please contact Jim Branton @ 469-6254. These configurations will be refreshed as needed. 

Dell/Apple Standard Computer Configurations


Vendor Contact Information

Apple Computers                                                   Dell Computers
Robert Dudenhoefer                                             Tim Mullins
Inside Account Manager                                       Inside Account Manager
Phone: 512-674-2834                                            Phone: 512-513-1584
Email:                            Email:

Computer Peripherals

The Purchasing Department, in conjunction with the IT Department, has elected to not piggyback off of any contracts.  See Comp Peripheral Products for more information.

Computer Peripherals

TV Installation

Please ask your Technology Coordinator to view the instructions and pricing found in the Google shared drive titled "Technology Quotes".