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Beginning with the 2020-2021 school year, reading interventions for students with substantial reading deficiencies (K-12) will be delivered by teachers who are certified or endorsed in reading. Don't have reading endorsement or certification? Come join a cadre of great teachers dedicated to giving students the gift of reading! Start your reading endorsement coursework!

Register for Reading Endorsement or Comp 2 needed for the Alternative Certification program!

E-mail Phyllis McDurmont via G-mail if you need assistance.

Reading Endorsement Modules

Participants earn 120 hours of in-service credit and complete two reading endorsement courses in one year!
1/3 of the course is face to face with hands-on activities. 
1/3 of the course involves lesson plans and practice in your own classroom.
1/3 of the course includes online readings, videos and reflections.

Held in 2019-20 at ONE of these locations:

  • Blue Angels
  • Longleaf
  • Pine Meadow
  • Spencer Bibbs Training Center

Sessions  held most Tuesdays from 3-5 (See the dates here), beginning September 3. Our ELA team rotates so that you stay at one location and the training comes to you. 

The caveat: Participants must commit to completing all 4 modules. Partial credit cannot be given.

Registration is closed. See Traditional Course Registration.

Reading Endorsement

Reading Endorsement Competencies (300 hours):

Competency 1: Foundations of Reading Instruction (60 hours)

Competency 2: Application of Research-Based Instructional Practices/Content Area Reading (60 hours)

Competency 3: Foundations of Assessment (60 hours)

Competency 4: Differentiated Instruction (60 hours)

Competency 5: Practicum (60 hours)

Competency 1, 2, 3 and 5 are a blend of face to face meetings and online coursework through The Core. 

Competency 4 is an online PDA course offered through FDLRS. Register with us and we will sign you up. 

Wondering if you have some college coursework that you could apply to the endorsement?

1. Check here to see what is on your certificate now. Click on the Public Search Link if you don't want to create an account. If you have Reading Endorsement or Reading K-12 Certification (or Reading appears under Subject Areas) for the current validity period--you are good to go. If not, go to step 2.

2. Check here to see if the institution where you earned your degree is on the teacher preparation approved list, click on the pdf and see if your degree included reading, and if you graduated with that degree program/endorsement between the approval dates. (It should say /Reading). You may have all or part of the endorsement with your degree. You can apply for reading as a subject to be added to your certificate through the FLDOE here. There is a fee.

3. Check your transcript for courses;  they must meet criteria outlined here. If you believe you have courses that meet the criteria for the endorsement, you can apply for "District Add Endorsement" through the FLDOE here. You will receive a letter from FLDOE advising you of additional content you need to take. There is a fee associated with this and the response may take a while, however. Once you receive your letter, scan the letter and your transcript to us and we can help you with next steps.

4. You can always sign up for our free District Add-on In-service Courses (see above for offerings). While it is always good to start with Comp 1, you don't have to take them in order. And as long as you take two courses per school year, you will be on track to satisfy the requirement. 

Reading Endorsement FAQ's


Teachers may submit a passing score on the Reading K-12 Subject Area exam to have the endorsement added. See the links above for more information. (Teachers who have taken the exam and also hold a Master's Degree in Reading Education may be certified to teach reading).

1.  Will the District provide for me to get my reading endorsement?  

The ECSD  reading department will provide Competency 1, 2, 3 and 5 free of charge* to current employees of  The Escambia County School District (traditional or alternative school) who hold a current, valid Florida teaching certificate in any grades or subject areas. Teachers must have access to The Core. Grades 6-12 teachers currently teaching reading courses and elementary teachers have priority for enrollment. Competency 4 is offered free of charge by FDLRS. 

*A fee may apply for participants who have previously dropped Reading Endorsement courses due to incompletion of course work or lack of attendance. 

2. How much time will it take to complete each course? 

Each competency is valued at 60 in-service points, which means that participation both face to face and online, independent study, and application in your own classroom will take a minimum of 60 hours. 

Beginning Fall 2019, we will offer the option of taking Comp 1 and Comp 2 in 30 hour modules in satellite locations across the district (TBD). Participants will need to take all 4 modules to earn the in-service hours for Comp 1 and Comp 2. We will continue to offer the competencies in the traditional format as well. 

3. Can I take more than one course at a time? With the exception of the modules, which blend Comp 1 and Comp 2 in a year long format, we do not recommend that teachers take more than one course per semester, and we will not register participants for more than one competency per semester.  The exception is Competency 5, which is offered in the spring before testing begins. 

4. Will coursework from other institutions be accepted for Reading Endorsement? 

Update: The FLDOE Certification Office will accept college coursework that meet the criteria OR approved district add-on programs. If you have some college coursework--apply to certification and they will send you a letter of eligibility advising you of the remaining requirements (if any). Scan that letter and your college transcript to the ELA department and we will help you find the right course (if needed) to complete the endorsement. If you have taken reading endorsement courses through other Florida district state approved reading endorsement programs, supply us with your professional learning transcripts and we will verify and update your ECSD professional learning transcript.

If you have taken Competencies 1-4 through Schultz or Beacon in the past, please provide us with your certificates and after verification, we can credit you those competencies. 

5.   What about teachers seeking alternative certification? 

The ELA Department provides Competency 2 in a blended/face to face course two-three times per year.  Some teachers beginning the FEAPS courses will be required to take more than Competency 2. Please check with the Professional Learning Department. 

6.  How many courses do I need to take this year? 

Teachers who do not already have reading endorsement or certification* are required to take two courses each school year until the endorsement is added.  It is the teacher's RESPONSIBILITY to apply, and complete both courses.  Teachers who do not complete two courses are ineligible to teach reading the subsequent year.  

*Beginning with 2020-21, any teacher providing reading intervention to students with substantial reading deficiencies (Tier III) must have reading endorsement or reading certification. This includes secondary reading teachers and other teachers who teach a course which by course code requires the endorsement.

7.  Will I need to contact the Reading Department to inform them I have completed my course? 

If you do not receive notification that you have completed the course from the ELA Admin. Clerk within a week of finishing, please notify the ELA department that you have completed the work. 

8.  What if I need to register for practicum Course 5? 

This course is only for those who have completed Competencies 1-4.   Our office will register all qualified teachers into the Performance Matters system. 

9.  What happens if I have to drop the course? 

You are not “officially” in the course until you have made your first assignment submission. If you drop a course (or are dropped due to lack of attendance or late assignment submissions) you may have to pay to take that course if you enroll again.  You will not have to pay for any subsequent courses unless they are also dropped.

10.  How do I get the Endorsement added to my certificate? 

Keep copies of all of your certificates (from Schultz, Beacon, and ECSD) as back up. Contact Phyllis McDurmont, ELA Admin. Clerk, to be sure you have all courses in Performance Matters/TalentEd. Go here to apply online through the FLDOE.  Dawn Ramirez in Certification will verify completion when the State of Florida notifies her of your application. 

11.  When are teachers in the NGCAR program eligible to be scheduled as a reading teacher for students within their content area classes?

Beginning in 2020-21, any teacher providing reading intervention to students with substantial reading deficiencies must be reading endorsed or reading certified. Anyone who has completed competency 2/NGCAR and the NGCAR practicum is eligible to provide literacy support in their content area classes for the 2019-20 school year only.

For more information, please contact Phyllis McDurmont, Administrative Clerk