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Attendance Zone Recommendation Worksheet



Worksheet can be submitted to:

Superintendent's Office 

Attention to the Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
75 N Pace Blvd.

Pensacola, Florida  32505


Fax: 850-469-6379



The School Attendance Zone Advisory Committee (SAZAC) was formed to develop attendance zone recommendations for the closure of Woodham Middle School as well as the opening of Kingsfield Elementary School and Beulah Middle School.


Public input regarding the zoning for these schools can be submitted to the Superintendent’s Office Attention to the Executive Assistant to the Superintendent. Hard copies are also available in the Superintendent’s Office at 75 North Pace Blvd.


Submission deadline is Friday, June 30, 2017.  Questions should be directed to the Office of the Assistant Superintendent of Operations.  All submissions will be reviewed by the Superintendent and given to the SAZAC committee for consideration.

Composition of SAZAZ

The committee is comprised of voting and non-voting members.


Voting members of the committee are appointed as follows:

5 appointed by the School Board Members (1 from each district)

1 appointed by the Superintendent of Schools

1 appointed by the Escambia County Council of PTAs and PTSAS (ECCPTA)

1 appointed by the Escambia Education Association


Non-voting members of the committee include:

Director of Continuous Improvement and School Choice

Coordinator of School Choice and Escambia Virtual Academy

Assistant Superintendent of Operations


Committee Agendas and Minutes


2018-2019 Attendance Zone Maps