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Summer Reading Resources:

Book and Digital Collections

Destiny Library Catalog -
Click here to search for print and e-book titles available in school catalogs.

myON for Elementary Schools - 
A collection of fiction an nonfiction ebooks.  Go to the ECSD homepage and log into the CORE and they are listed in Student Resources. Click here for a list of titles available.  ECSD subscribes to the Core Collection. 

Gale Resources -
A full-text articles, videos and eBooks; Go to the ECSD homepage and then click on the grade level Gale Resources icon. Click here for a list of available titles. ECSD subscribes to: Gale in Context Elementary, Gale in Context Middle, Gale Biography, Gale Opposing Viewpoints, Gale Litfinder, Gale Academic OneFile, Gale Health and Wellness, Gale EBooks, Gale in Context High School, Peterson's Career Prep, Gale Science, Gale US History, and Gale World History

A collection of e-books. Accessible for students and teachers from the Core App Dashboard.  Click here for a list of K-12 titles, the list is not limited by grade level, however, access is limited by grade level when a student logs in. 

A collection of e-books. School collections can be found in the Destiny Discover Library Collections. 


Professional Resources

School Libraries


The Escambia County School District Innovation Center program seeks to promote a culture of literacy and learning to foster independent readers, self-directed learners, and responsible digital citizens. 


The mission of the school Innovation Centers and school Innovation Specialists is to amplify  the classroom experience.  It is a place where students, teachers, administration, and staff can explore, learn, create and collaborate.  Innovation Specialists also foster a love of reading and learning in addition to modeling current technologies to assist students in becoming proficient, successful, and ethical users of information.   


  • To support the reading habits and curiosities of students, teachers, and families by providing access to updated print and digital resources that represent diverse perspectives.

  • To provide students, teachers, and families opportunities to innovate and create through imagining, tinkering, playing, and experimenting in flexible and inviting learning spaces.

  • To collaborate with classroom teachers to design learning experiences that enhance curriculum and support student achievement.

  • To empower students voices through teaching and modeling digital citizenship using the Internet, social media, online tools, and global virtual connections.

Monday Message:

School Libraries Make a Difference

Library access 

Focus Form Available

May 1, 2023

Escambia County Public Schools has implemented a new process that allows parents to choose their student's level of access to school library collections. 

Unlimited: My student may have full access to check out grade and age appropriate books that are available at their grade (elementary, middle, high) school library to include same grade level inter library loan as well as classroom libraries. 

Limited: My student may check out book from the library media center, but there is content that I would like my student to not have access to in the library media center including the classroom library. 

No Access: My student is not permitted to check books out of the library media center or use classroom library books. 

To make a decision other than Unlimited, log into the Focus Student Information System and complete the Library Access Form.  

If you choose Unlimited, you do not need to complete the form. 


Click here for an informational video.

Forms & Policy