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J. E. Hall Center


30 E. Texar Dr.

Rm. 134

Pensacola, FL 32503


Phone: (850) 439-2665

Fax: (850) 469-5620


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Office of Student Engagement

The Coordinator of Student Engagement is directly in charge of administering all procedures and decisions dealing with reassignments or expulsions within the Escambia County School District. In addition to this, the Student Engagement Office acts as a communication-sharing bridge between the Superintendent's Office, local law enforcement agencies, and the state's attorneys office concerning students within the school district. Most importantly, the Student Engagement Coordinator is charged with the responsibility of helping parents and students navigate through tough and challenging personal situations by providing sound knowledge of the hearing process, compassion throughout the proceedings, and hope for a brighter future through providing the right resources for a new beginning.


Jeremy Tompkins


 Jeremy Tompkins

Coordinator of Student Engagement

(850) 439-2663



Ms. Hamrac

  Stephanie Hamrac  

  District PBIS Coordinator

  (850) 439-2667



Ms. Niles


  Mariangela Niles  

  Administrative Secretary

   (850) 439-2665