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Teacher Technology Integration

Note: The data presented below are representative of the percentage of teachers earning the identified E3 component. The components are aligned to the Technology Integration Matrix as noted.

Active Spectrum
Collaborative Spectrum
Constructive Spectrum
Authentic Spectrum
Goal-Directed Learning with Technology

ECSD TIM Rating Rubric (TIM & E3):

Entry – The teacher begins to use technology tools to deliver curriculum content to students.

Unsatisfactory – Teacher’s use of technology tools has not reached the degree to enable students to make academic gains.  The use of technology tools is unsuccessful.

Adoption – The teacher directs students in the conventional and procedural use of technology tools.

Needs Improvement – Teacher’s use of technology tools is guided and conventional providing limited student success.  Implementation is uneven.

Adaptation – The teacher facilitates students in exploring and independently using technology tools.


Effective – The teacher’s implementation is successful with teacher providing some student choice.  The teacher’s role is primarily instructive.

Infusion – The teacher provides the learning content and the students choose the technology tools to achieve the outcome.

Transformation – The teacher encourages the innovative use of technology tools.  Technology tools are used to facilitate higher order learning activities that may not have been possible without the technology.

 Highly Effective – Students and teachers demonstrate innovative use of technology tools.  Teacher’s role is primarily facilitative.