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Pre-K Transportation

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Pre-K Transportation Guidelines


1. Pre-K students will utilize the bus stop assigned to them by the Transportation Department. Parents/guardians desiring to use a different existing bus stop should complete the Request for Transportation Accommodation (Transportation Form 6.03, found on this web site) and submit it to the Transportation Department so a bus ticket can be issued and records can be annotated.


2. Students need to be AT the bus stop ten (10) minutes prior to the bus' scheduled arrival time. The bus will not wait for students.Students are not permitted to run after a bus that has already begun to drive away. If the bus has begun to drive away, the student has missed the bus.


3. An adult (age 18 or older) named by the parent/guardian as a designated custodian of the child on the Bus Intake Form must be AT the bus stop in the morning and afternoon. The school bus operator will not release the child to anyone other than a custodian designated in advance by the parent/guardian on the Bus Intake Form. (A photo identification card might be required at the bus stop.)


4. The failure of the designated custodian to meet the bus in the afternoon will be treated as a failure of the parent/guardian to exercise appropriate supervision of the child. The 1st occurrence will result in a written or oral warning from the school bus operator. This warning will be reported to the Transportation office and to the student's school. The 2nd occurrence will result in a parent meeting with the school. The 3rd occurrence will result in a suspension of bus privileges. Subsequent occurrences will be result in consideration of a revocation of bus privileges.


5. If the bus operator arrives at the bus stop and a designated custodian is not there to meet the student, the bus operator will contact Transportation Dispatch to alert District authorities of the situation. Depending on the bus operator's schedule, the student will either be returned to his/her school or retained on the bus until his/her school routes are complete before reattempting delivery at the student's bus stop. If a designated custodian is still not at the bus stop, the bus operator will notify Transportation Dispatch. Dispatch will notify the student's principal, the District emergency contacts, and the Department of Children and Families (DCF).


6. A number of factors might cause the bus to run ahead of schedule in the afternoon. Parents are advised to plan their afternoon activities accordingly.


7. Parents/guardians must report changes to the student's residence or contact information to the school immediately so the Bus Intake Form and school records can be updated promptly.


8. Parents should consult the District Rights and Responsibilities Handbook for requirements relating to student transportation. Parents are advised to discuss appropriate bus behavior with their child.