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Student Safety


School officials, bus operators, parents, and students themselves are all responsible for ensuring that school bus riders;follow these safety tips. Florida law requires that parents assume responsibility for the safety and conduct of their children while they are en route to and from the bus stop and while they are at the bus stop.

At the Bus Stop

- Students and parents are responsible for safety and proper student behavior going to and from the stop and while waiting for the bus.

- Students must stand off the roadway while waiting.

- Students must respect other people’s property.

- Students must not push, shove, or engage in horseplay.

- Parents should supervise children at the stop if possible.

- Students must arrive at the bus stop at least five minutes prior to the scheduled pickup time.

- Students must wait for and get off the bus only at approved stop locations.

During Loading and Unloading

- Always stay away from the 12 foot “danger zone” around the bus, except when you are directed by the driver to get on or off the bus.

- NEVER pick up an object that you drop under or near the bus. Ask the driver for help.

- Always be sure the driver can see you.

- Make sure clothing and backpacks have no loose drawstrings or long straps that could catch in the handrail or bus door.

- When you see the bus coming, stand at the stop and wait for the bus to come to a complete stop.

- Always wait for the driver to signal that it is safe to cross the road and/or load into the bus.

- When crossing a traffic lane, always look left, right, then left again; cross only if approaching traffic has stopped.

- Never walk behind the bus.

- Only board your assigned bus, unless other arrangements are approved by your school.

During the Bus Ride

- Always follow the driver’s directions.

- Never distract the driver from driving unless there is immediate danger to you or others.

- Remain seated and keep the aisles clear.

- Eating, drinking, and chewing gum are prohibited.

- Never bring unsafe or unauthorized items into the bus.

- Always wear your seat belt when one is available.

- Always keep your arms, legs, and head inside the bus.

- Always show respect for your fellow students.

- Keep conversation at a reasonable level and remain quiet at railroad crossings. The Student Code of Conduct applies in the bus as well as in the classroom.


Know your child's abilities and remember your child's limitations. Children under 10 years of age are developmentally limited when it comes to judging speed and distance accurately. Teach, practice, and remind children to:

- Walk with an adult or responsible older child at all times.

- Children under 10 years old should cross the street only with an adult.

- Walk on the sidewalk if there is one.

- Walk facing the traffic, as far from the road/traffic as possible, if no sidewalk is available.

- Use traffic signals and marked crosswalks if available.

- Stop at the curb or edge of the road and look left, right and left for traffic before crossing the street.

- Walk; don’t run.

- Give drivers time to see you before crossing the street.

- Keep looking for cars while you are crossing.

- Wear white clothing or reflectors when walking in the dark or in low light.

School Bus Rules

1. Occupy the seat assigned by the bus operator and remain properly seated with your seat belt securely fastened while the bus is in motion.

2. Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before boarding or leaving the bus.  Enter and leave the bus in an orderly single file.

3. Leave the bus only with consent of the driver at assigned stop location.

4. If it is necessary to cross the road before boarding the bus or after exiting the bus, cross in FRONT of the bus after the bus operator gives a signal indicating that crossing is safe.

5. Talk in a normal conversational voice, but remain silent as the bus approaches and crosses railroad tracks.

6. Keep your head, hands, and other objects inside the bus at all times.

7. Keep the aisle and step well clear at all times.  Hold musical instruments and other objects in your lap.  Instruments may be transported only when space is available.

8. You are not permitted to have sharp objects or cutting instruments of any kind, glass containers of any kind, reptiles, bugs, animals or marine life, dead or alive, on the bus at any time for any reason.

9. You may not eat, drink, spit, or chew gum while on the bus.

10. You are not permitted to smoke or have open flames, or use aerosols, fragrances, or sprays of any kind on the bus.

11. Your cell phone and electronic devices must be off and out of sight while you are on the bus unless permission is granted by the bus operator. 

12. Students are subject to all school rules when being transported on board a school bus.

13. Students are to report directly to the principal/designee when instructed to do so by the school bus operator.

Misconduct on the bus could result in suspension or expulsion from school.